Finnish Association of Occupational Health Physicians            

Suomen Työterveyslääkäriyhdistys ry  (STLY)

  • Established in 1946, with a membership of about 1 650 occupational health physicians
  • The association is governed by its members, who exercise their power through the Spring and Autumn General Meetings. The Autumn General Meeting elects a Council consisting of a chairperson and 15 members who represent local branches of the association.
  • The Council is responsible for running the everyday business of the association. 


  • to promote occupational health care in all sectors of employment
  • to improve members' professional skills and promote ethical practices
  • to promote members' work ability and well-being 
  • to co-operate with all actors endeavouring to enhance and support Finnish occupational health care
  • to support research on occupational health care



  • Työterveyslääkäri, a journal for occupational health physicians, published four times a year
  • lively professional training
  • website
  • production and sale of occupational health materials, e.g. forms and information brochures
  • promotion of members own occupational health care
  • grants  to members
  • a holiday apartment  for members at Vierumäki
  • office: The Finnish Medical Society Duodecim
    Kalevankatu 11 A, PO Box 713
    FIN-00101 Helsinki
    Tel.: +358 9 6188 5211

How to apply for the membership

  • The membership application form can be found on the association's website.
  • The annual membership fee is 65 euros in 2014.